Official Disclaimer from 4Excelsior Team
Recently, 4Excelsior and the Executive team noticed that, on some overseas E-Commerce platforms, there were various brand companies claiming ownership or partnership with 4Excelsior company.
Unless specifically stated on the company’s official website, no partnership exists between 4Excelsior and any consumer-packaged brands since April 2014.
Our Response to Covid-19
During these unprecedented times, it’s more important than ever that we work to take care of each other. No one is more invested in this fundamental truth than healthcare workers and 4Excelsior would like to take this opportunity to thank the millions of doctors, nurses, first responders, and other medical professionals across the globe who selflessly put themselves in harms way to help others.
Science & Innovation
Whether it’s looking for the next cutting-edge sports supplement to assist with an athlete’s on field performance or assisting consumers in their general health and well-being, we are working on a number of elements that go into the design of a sports supplement or health product.
Our Partners
Cooperation is the core of American entrepreneurship. We create international opportunities for independent brands in the United States and companies around the world. We actively build our mutual integration and trust with customers from various countries.
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At 4Excelsior, we believe in setting the industry standard. Our goal is to make sure our clients have complete confidence in the quality of their products.

Turnkey Services

4Excelsior team is built up with a combined 20 years of knowledge in the dietary supplement industry. Our team will work with you side by side from formulation and R&D to testing and manufacturing.

Export Certification

4Excelsior provides you with all necessary documentation to meet your global distribution goals, for example, free sale and FDA Export Certification.

Company Tour

We believe in an ethical and transparent approach to manufacturing, from start to finish.

Our Locations

Since we first opened in 2014, we’ve been known for standout efficiency, quality and sustainability as well as valuing the southern California culture. These themes are woven into our 6 year history and our reputation for solving problems related to food, nutrition, manufacturing and health.

Set on a 152,066 square inches manufacturing facility less than one hour from world-class destinations such as Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and several other nearby central cities, our location ensures that we are connected with our supplier’s sites in order to facilitate process integration and communication.