Capabilities & Services

Natural products need to meet high standards in order to be truly beneficial to customers. This quality requires the very best in equipment, knowledge base, and testing processes, all of which require an experienced team and clean facilities. 4Excelsior provides contract manufacturing that incorporates a variety of capabilities and services. The numerous services afforded by our Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility are discussed below.

Our high capacity powder line offers efficient manufacturing, with 2 blended of 1200kg, and the powder line that can fill up to 20,000 bottles per day. Our manufacturing facility is experienced in all forms of health products and sports nutrition powders including:

  • Proteins including Vegan, Organic, and Whey Proteins
  • Pre-workouts
  • BCAAs
  • Recovery powders
  • Herbal products

Our top of the line stick pack and pouching machines can provide you with great marketing solutions for sampling your products or using single serving delivery systems.

  • Daily output
    • Stick Packs – 100,000
    • Pouches – 75,000

Our facility consists of 5 high capacity encapsulation machines. These machines along without bottling line have a capacity of 20,000 bottles per day.

Our team has years of experience using both gelatin and vegetarian capsules. We can meet the needs of any company, whether they’re looking for a small run of 1000 bottles, or large runs with short turn around times. We specialize in encapsulating using minimal excipients and meeting organic requirements for the capsules.

Our flavor development team provides years of experience when if comes to providing brands with the best possible flavor for their product. Having experience developing flavors for leading industry brands, 4Excelsior’s team has developed some of the most unique flavors on the market. Whether you looking to flavor protein, pre-workouts, BCAAs, Greens, or vitamin premixes, we can help you provide your users with the best possible taste experience on the market.

Looking to use natural, organic, or artificial flavors, our flavor team has mastered masking the taste of complex ingredients such a stevia, teacrine and others ingredients known to be difficult to work within the industry.

With 4 machines capable of manufacturing a total of 2 million tablets per day. Our experienced team offers high-quality tableting processes, giving brands multiple shapes, sizing, and product options including:

  • Oblong
  • Oval
  • Chewables
  • Effervescent tablets

Whether it’s looking for the next cutting-edge sports supplement to assist with an athlete’s on-field performance, or assisting consumers in their general health and well-being, there are a number of elements that go into the design of a sports supplement or dietary supplement. At 4Excelsior we understand the ins and outs of the industry.

4Excelsior’s quality manufacturing procedures have put in place processes to make sure your product will comply with both national and international sporting codes. Our facility is Informed-Choice certified which means we are regularly conducting testing on our machinery to make sure there is no trace residue of substances deemed banned by the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA), NFL, MLB, or NCAA. Our facility is also certified by NSF for GMP in Sport and as an industry first 4Excelsior has implemented the regular banned substance testing of its raw materials to provide additional quality assurance for its clients.

Interested in having your products certified? Our team is well versed in the sports supplement certification processes required by groups such as Informed-Choice, NSF, or BSCG.

At 4Excelsior we pride ourselves in our quality and expertise in powder manufacturing, especially in the organics sector. We offer expertise in the organic compliant flavor systems, giving you a product that is as competitive as artificial flavoring.

Product Formulation

Our team of experienced R&D personnel will help you through the product development phase, from start to finish.

Step 1: Identify the product that you’d like to develop – Protein, Pre-workouts, Greens, Reds, or Superfoods

Step 2: Formulation development – With over 25 years of combined experience our team will help you develop an industry-leading product that fits your budget.

Step 3: Flavor development – Our flavor develop team will help find the perfect flavor – fruits, vanilla’s, chocolates, coffee’s, you name it we can do it. We’ll provide you with a product that you’ll be happy with.